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Photo Credit: Wolcott, Marion Post, photographer. Library of Congress.

The origins of ice cream can be traced back to at least the 4th century B.C. Other early references include the Roman emperor Nero (A.D. 37-68) who ordered ice to be brought from the mountains and combined with fruit toppings, and King Tang (A.D. 618-97) of Shang, China who had a method of creating ice and milk concoctions. Ice cream was likely brought from China back to Europe. Over time, recipes for ices, sherbets, and milk ices evolved and served in the fashionable Italian and French royal courts.

After the dessert was imported to the United States, it was served by several famous Americans including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Dolly Madison (1812). In 1700, Governor Bladen of Maryland was recorded as having served it to his guests. In 1774, a London caterer named Philip Lenzi announced in a New York newspaper that he would be offering for sale various confections, including ice cream. The first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City in 1776.

Ice Cream by Mary Bellis

Ice Cream Parlor, Pasadena, California USA. . Minox TLX Photograph ©2004 Austin Burbridge. All rights reserved.