Nexus 5-Pack packs a punch

“A mellow train in light winds, the 5-Pack pulls like a truck when the wind picks up. If you’re feeling the need to put on a show, add the 50-ft. polyethylene tails for a traffic-stopping display. Made of ripstop nylon with graphite spars. Each kite is 5′-6″ x 2′-6″*. Ready to Fly with 100Õ of 200-lb. Spectra lines, straps and winder in an elegant nylon bag that holds the kites rolled up or assembled and linked together.”



“Kites may have originally been developed in Indonesia as a device for catching game by a very resourceful people. One of the most remarkable of fishing methods involves the use of a kite, attached to the fishing line, then flown over the water past surf and obstructions. Kite fishing has been practiced throughout the South Seas for centuries, but it appears that it originated in West Java, where it spread to the Malay Peninsula.

The kite itself is often made from a single dried leaf of a local orchid, strengthened by a pair of slender bamboo rods threaded through the leaf near the margins and crossing one another at the top and bottom. It is most often flown from the end of a long pole, and operated by the fisherman in the front of the canoe. A line extending from the bottom of the kite carries tha bait. There is no hook, only a loop of line. The bait can thus be played on the surface of the water, a long distance from the boat. The fish, usually garfish cruising in shallow water, are snared by their tooth jaws and pulled in by the fisherman.”

written by David Wagner and produced by The Drachen Foundation, 1905 Queen Anne Avenue North/Second floor Seattle, Washington 98109 U.S.A.