Mighty as a Sword


“The Art of War is a magnificent work of art, with thousands of elements and segments. The concept, planning, design and strategy took a year and a half to develop. The pen is carved from a solid block and rod of ebonite, and the nib is of the highest quality 18-karat gold with rapid reflex. The clip is a warrior’s sword or spear blade dating to the second and first century B.C.E. Hand-tooled metal end caps chase the cap and barrel’s meticulous and laboriously painted work by a master artist. Every paint stroke to the pen’s body is applied individually by a Russian mini-point brush of a single sable hair and creates a flourishing three-dimensional effect to the eye. Each facet of every scene is painted separately. Only two or three master craftsmen produce each piece. Every letter, character, peak, shading, silhouette, scene and landscape portion is decided upon individually, one brief stroke at a time.”

SUN TZU The Art of War
Krone Limited Edition
by Len Provisor

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2 thoughts on “Mighty as a Sword

  1. Krone pens are baroque monstrosities made for those afflicted simultaneously with too much income, too little taste and poor judgment. If you want an expensive yet tasteful fountain pen, get a Montblanc, Pelikan or Waterman.

  2. Having bumped into the Krone line along the way, I know that their high end one-off pens can cost as much as four thousand dollars, which I’m assuming is the ballpark estimate for this one. You could
    1. go around the world
    2. buy a reasonable car
    3. or boat
    4. or…
    for four thousand dollars.

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