"Enter my Spanish-made, Miquelrius (Leather-Look Pad) notebook. The notebook is 6" x 8.25", a size that is small enough to toss into my shoulder bag for a café visit, yet large enough for concept sketches. Because it’s smaller than US Letter or Euro A4 I can fit the Miquelrius into my smaller bags. Further, it’s the perfect proportion for my technical sketch work.

The Miquelrius has 200 generous pages of thin, good quality white paper with light blue quadrille pages, wrapped in a rubbery, leather-like fabric that’s thin, tough and flexible. Covers are available in black, blue, red and green."

Mike Rohde

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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13 Responses to Miquelrius

  1. Lohr says:

    Great notebook… I have to find some. But– “thin” paper? Will it bleed through with an ordinary Pilot or Uni-Ball pen? What pens work well with the Miquelrius?

  2. Mike Rohde says:

    Lohr, I’ve really only used pencil, an old Shaeffer fountain pen and a Pilot G2 gel pen (both 0.5 and 0.7) on the Miquelrius, and the paper seems to hold up well. I’d say it is equal to good quality quadrilled paper in a pad, maybe around 20 pound weight white paper.

    You can see thinggs drawn via the back of a page almost as if it was a light gray (about 20% black), but there is no bleed through. Quite decent and not bothersome if you like using both sides of a sheet.

    Hope that’s helpful! 🙂

  3. Coral Rose says:

    I just bought one of these, and I use only pilot pens, you know, the Precise rolling ball ones, and I have no problem whatsoever with bleeding. You can without a doubt write on both sides of the page without any trouble reading it. Oh, and I guess I also used Uni-ball pens on it, without trouble.

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  6. leslee says:

    I have Miguelrius journals, too, and I love them. Nice size, no problem with bleeding pages, no problem writing on both side of the page, soft bending cover. And cheaper than Moleskines (which I’ve never used, by the way, so I can’t compare).

  7. mona says:

    I carry around a 10.5×15 cm one for my everyday notes. I’ve used various rollerball, gel ink, ballpoint pens in it and have had no issues with bleeding through like I have with regular wirebound notebooks. The paper quality is quite nice, actually. Nice round spine, tight binding.

  8. Ryan says:

    I just found this site with a Google search on Miquelrius. Love these books. I do a lot of work on computers but I keep gravitating back to the paper book. The only problem I have is I just bought one of the “200 page” books hoping to match the one I bought a year agao at Barnes and Noble — it is only half the number of pages. Does anyone know where to order the really thick ones? Probably 300 page. Thanks.

  9. RyanH says:

    Ryan, the good folks at http://www.pendemonium.com have the 300 page notebooks. Great service!

  10. Rae says:

    I love the Miquelrius journals! I discovered them some years ago. Last year I also started using the Moleskine journals and planners and have been very pleased with these as well. I recently discovered the Moleskine Cahier (soft cover) which I really have a jones for as of now!! How about I actually decide to start writing/sketching…doing something with them?

  11. t says:

    I have a few Miquelrius and my only real complaint of them is the pages pull out of the binding quite easily. I’m pretty brutal with mine and they just don’t hold up like Moleskines.

  12. DAVID HANNAH says:

    I have used the small (approx. 4×6 inches) notebooks for years and love them. My problem now is that I am
    unable to find such notebooks with blank pages, which
    is my preference. Does anyone know where I can get these? Thanks for any advice.

  13. Andy says:

    Sadly I can’t get these in the UK. When I write to the US distributor they just don’t bother to respond. Has anyone found a source in the UK of which I am thusfar unaware?

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