Nick Southall

“Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Increasing(ly beautiful) Insanity Of The Outside World

Some time ago I made reference on here to the fact that I use a Moleskine notebook, the type favoured by Henry VIII and Hemmingway and Attila The Hun amongst various other note-taking luminaries; I can’t remember precisely when, but it was probably about 6 months ago, if not more.


Now these notebooks are delicious: , and I always wish I could find excuse to use it more, but my faintly forgetful demeanour and, frankly, fucking illegible handwriting (here is said handwriting in said notebook – – see?) means that I tend to forget. I’ve considered buying one of those palm computers, but can’t see the point. There’s something so much nicer about the Moleskine…”

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Originally posted 1.21.04