“At the moment my web browsing is very synchronicitous. Moleskines feature in a big way”


[Based in Manchester in the UK, I work for a UK Telco managing a project team. In my spare time I kickbox, dabble with webpages, get snap happy with my digital cameras, write a bit, indulge in arts and crafts, can be found loitering in art galleries and museums, and read journals, letters and biographies. I’m a compulsive letter writer and have an eclectic selection of fountain pens and coloured inks.]

Originally posted 1.25.04

At the moment my web browsing is very synchronicitous. Moleskines feature in a big way and they keep popping up on a number of sites. Obsession with pens is another subject that sneaks into many posts. And handbags and their contents is a hot topic.

Over at Keri Smith’s site 41 women (at the last count) have commented about the contents of their handbags. It’s a fascinating list. (A couple of the women count Moleskines among the contents of their bags. As well as my recently acquired Moleskine jotter, my bag contains mostly hardware. Digital camera, Palm, mobile photo phone, fountain pen, propelling pencil, purse, keys, vanilla lipsalve).

A variety of Moleskiners have mentioned obsessions with pens or just provided a list a mile long of their favourite writing implements – which is pretty much the same thing!

I have no idea how many pens I own. I mostly favour fountain pens – some very inexpensive, some less so. They all write differently and I have my favourites. Some write better on smooth paper, others will write on anything. Some are a bit scratchy so I only use them with the correct paper, others are simply a dream to use. The ink flow has to be just right. Not too much, not too little.

I rotate my pens based on my mood. At the moment it’s a red Stypen bought about 7 years ago. Cost around £5. Ink colour is rose d’antan. (Herbin Sueur, of course).

Another good pen is my turquoise Rotring Core which has a very smooth writing style. However, an identical blue Rotring Core doesn’t which goes to show that even the same make of pen can vary in performance.

My favourite pen is a Waterman. I write my letters with it. (I write a lot of letters).

My least favourite pen was a Mont Blanc. Bought about 10 years ago. I was never happy with it. The ink either flooded or refused to budge from the filler. In the end we had to part company.

I never use normal coloured ink. I had a purple phase (so, of course I wrote purple prose!). Mostly now I use brown ink (Waterman “Havane”) in my filler pens, Herbin Sueur in my cartridge pens (usually “poussiere de lune” although occasionally another shade of brown).

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