Pseudo-moleskine ?


“Found in my local Borders:

They come in also sorts of colours and textures, including coloured silk and one which is suspiciously moleskine like. Plus, there’s a pocket in the back and the elastic covering. Slightly larger than the small moleskine but also about 20% cheaper (at least in the UK).

My question is – is it still a moleskine without the history? Does it still have the same functionality without the little slip of paper in the back? Because as far as I can tell, in everything else it is the same.”

Sophia @ Moleksinerie/ORKUT

3 thoughts on “Pseudo-moleskine ?

  1. You do realize that the “history” claimed by the Moleskine brand is mostly imaginary, pure marketing (i.e. brinkmanship with truth-in-advertising laws, using weasel words)?

  2. Well, yeah, and the knock-off is a bit of an I.P. battle. To me, though I haven’t seen the knock-off, I’m a fan of the original for the quality of the paper.

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