Tricia’s Moleskine


“I have a Pocket Sketchbook that I use as a daybook. I put everything in there: appointments, school assignments, phone numbers, movie tickets, post-it notes, sketches, quotes, and I even draw and journal in it too. I loved it when it was new and pristine, but after starting to fill it up, I love it even more now that the pages are stuffed and distended, maximizing use of the elastic strap. It’s small enough so that it fits perfectly in my purse…


Tricia @ Inchlog

One thought on “Tricia’s Moleskine

  1. I’m inspired by your imagery and creative use of your moleskine. Mine is so black & white in comparison. The use of color and scrapbooking brings new life to each page and the memories that inspired them.

    Keep journaling.

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