What software do you use for writing/sketching?

“Okay, so you all are fond of using Moleskines for taking note-taking and sketching. But, what is your favourite software/OS/computing device for this purpose?

Lukas @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT

“notetab light, the free version. mostly just like having tons of files open at once, without all the icons on my taskbar…”

Mac OS X

“I use a Mac running OS X. I never have the problems I’ve heard that PC users encounter with viruses & spam etc.

I quite like Appleworks but not many people use it now. Appleworks integrates words & graphics really well. Mac’s Mail and Web browser apps are the easiest & friendliest I’ve come across, and the other suff – addresses, calendars etc – are very easy.

I have a theory that subsequent writing drafts are easier on a keyboard: Since your left brain is occupied with fingering and mis-types, your right brain can fly on unrestrained by the other side.

I like the look of typepad.com, especially as an HTML starter, but I’m not sure of giving the credit card required for a trial. Any ideas of others? (They don’t make Pagemill for the Mac any more…)”

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  1. I think that Tinderbox for Mac OSX is the best software for notetaking . It’s expensive but worth it when you see what you can do with it. I use it for all sorts of things.The company even sells Moleskines so what more recommendation do you need : )

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