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How to Preserve Your Journals

‘Rule No. 1 when you’re journal shopping: Acid-free is key. So, start by choosing a journal with acid-free paper. Pay attention to the paper’s feel, too: Heavier, higher quality papers indicate longevity—the longer fibers will break down more slowly. Sewn... Read More


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“The notebooks of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – the Creator of Sherlock Holmes Christie’s auctioneers’ manuscript specialist Thomas Venning looks at manuscripts by the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which were auctioned to benefit British charities, in London last May,... Read More


Jonathan Carroll

“One of the most beautiful and interesting author websites around is for Jonathan Carroll. Carroll has been called the American Murakami, although he has lived in Europe for years. His fans include Jonathan Lethem, Neil Gaiman and Stanislaw Lem to... Read More


Pocket diary 2005, weekly MOLESKINE

“12.54 € (15.49 $ with a rate of 1 € = 1.2353 $) Pocket diary, weekly planner, for regular needs January – December 2005 NEW 2005 FEATURES: – new weekly presentation with vertical columns and schedules – travel planning –... Read More


World Wide Panorama Shoot

“On the Solstice weekend, June 19-21, more than 110 photographers in 32 countries around the world created VR panoramas with the common theme of World Heritage. This site showcases the results of their efforts.” The World Wide Panorama Geoimages All... Read More


This Week on Moleskinerie

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Suggest a Site

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Ten steps to a sustainable energy future

“As we leave oil behind as our dominant energy technology we will more and more convert our energy system from a chemical to an electrical base. Electric power will be the reference energy against which all other forms of energy... Read More


Road not found

“I shot this on South Dakota Highway 44, and if it’s not the middle of nowhere, well, who can tell?” Dustbury.com The Charles G. Hill Web Pages © 2004... Read More