Purple cureflower


“Happy days are here again: the purple coneflowers are blooming! This particular stand of purple coneflowers isn’t wild: it’s an ornamental planting growing alongside one of the buildings at Keene State College. But, this is precisely what wild purple coneflowers look like, so I can in my imagination block out the buildings and surrounding city and pretend that I’m contemplating a stand of purple coneflowers growing in the middle of a sun-drenched, insect-singing field back in Ohio. Although I said way back in April that violets are my favorite wildflower, I think I’m going to have to amend that statement. Violets are my favorite springtime, shade-tolerant, close-to-the-ground wildflower. Purple coneflowers, on the other hand, are my favorite summertime, sun-loving, tall-spreading wildflower. Whereas violets are shy and retiring (there’s a reason, after all, that introspective folks are called “shrinking violets”), purple coneflowers are strong, sturdy, and outspoken, the stand-up-and-be-noticed extroverts of the plant kingdom.”

Lori Schaub
Hoarded Ordinaries

Image: © 2004 LS

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