New Pilot G6


“The new Pilot G-6 (a fatter sleeker case around the reliable G-2 refill) is a terrific pen, very comfortable. I’ll have to look for the weighted Dr. Grip.

Another old favorite is the Parker 51, a vintage pen from 1946. Namiki Vanishing Point, super convenient with its clickable nib. Namiki Custom Impressions with a slight Italic nib I modified years ago, and a bit of flex. Vintage Rapidographs from the 1950s, which are comfortable (unlike the current knuckle-manglers).”

Kristi @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT

Image: PILOT

4 thoughts on “New Pilot G6

  1. I bought one of these a few months ago. It’s not a bad pen but go ahead and splurge the other $4 for a Dr. Grip. The Grip is a far better pen for $6. I have all but retired my Rotrings and Watermans for the Dr. Grip. I’ve written hundreds of Moleskine pages with it including a few short stories that I am finally beginning to sell. One story sold for a small $25, but that paid for the pen and the Moleskine =)

    The G6 isn’t bad but I’d rather see a heavier G2 with a solid metal case instead of half plastic. I don’t really need a pen between the $2 G2 and the $6 Dr. Grip. I would be more interestesd in a $10 fancy Dr. Grip.

    After over a year, I still love G2 .7mm black archival ink.

  2. I found a Papermate “WideMate” in a newsagent the other day (for AUD$2) so I got a black & a blue. They are not gel ink but they are a superior ballpoint, with the most comfortable fo the plastic/grip barrels I’ve seen so far. The ink in the G2 is better but I’d rather hold a WideMate…
    As to your own personal pen preferences – see my comments

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