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“When I use a gel pen [Pilot G2, Uniball gel, Sigma Micro, Staedtler gel roller–among others] there’s bleed through [slight but noticeable] on the pages of my pocket squared notebook. This happens even when I write with a very light hand.”

I hate bleed through but love my Moleskine. Is this something I have to learn to live with. [No bleed through with ballpoints or pencils, but gel pens are my pen of choice.]”


“I had the same issue, so I tried a finer point G2 (0.05mm). There is much much less bleed through, and the drying is faster, too. As an added bonus, they last five times longer than the same pen in a 0.07mm point.

Still, I like the sticky gel-ness (!) of the 0.07mm.
Also, the new Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity has a new ink that is like gel in a lot of ways, but it lasts very long (longer than ballpoint pens, even) and does not bleed at all. Staples has them, but they are a little hard to find where I live otherwise.
Hope this helps:)


“I use gel pens mainly in my moleskines and I love the fact that I don’t have a bleed through. May be its something to do with using a large vs pocket. I like a big palette to work on. I don’t see me ever using a pocket. The paper might be a different gsm?
The love affair with moleskines continue…. :^)

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  1. I have the same issue. When I write with a fountain pen which uses much ink or if I use special ink, for example the brown shaeffer ink, there is very much bleed through at moleskine paper. Curiously there isn’t by using rollerball ink.
    I hope very much Modo & Modo will change this problem: Taking paper as smooth, beige coloured and acid free as this is but without bleed through problems. Bleed through destroys the pleasure I have with Moleskine and I refuse to forgo the pleasure of writing with much ink on the paper or with gel pens.

  2. I bought a couple of Pitt Artists Pens, superfine tip, and they’re working well. Similar to Micron Pigma. with a slightly different feel to the tip.

    I saw my first Mole sketchbok the other day, and was surpised at how thick the paper was!

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