Pocket diary 2005, weekly MOLESKINE


“12.54 €
(15.49 $ with a rate of 1 € = 1.2353 $)

Pocket diary, weekly planner, for regular needs

January – December 2005


– new weekly presentation with vertical columns and schedules
– travel planning
– useful infos (international time zones and distances, temperature and measure conversions, international holidays and dialing codes
– removable addressbook “


[Thanks John G.]
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6 thoughts on “Pocket diary 2005, weekly MOLESKINE

  1. Are these available anywhere yet? Moleskineus.com still has a “notify me” link. I want mine now!

  2. I just got the thick 365-day version from the local Borders and they are selling it for $16. with tax. There’s also a large weekly diary and pocket-sized editions for both. Will post a photo of it in a while.

  3. Indeed, I agree. I am very opposed to the vertical format and I wrote them an email. I absolutely depend on the 2004 layout and now it looks like I’m s*** out of luck for 2005.

  4. they come in both day per page and vertical week per page layouts – the day per page (small) version is quite thick.

    why can’t you use that? I’ve seen them in Borders.


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