Thanks John!


Got a birthday package from John/Pragmatik today!! Thanks very much…put me into early celebratory mood (see Boston Market chocolate cake).:P The M pin is so kool. I didn’t know GAP sold those.

I never expected M to be so well accepted. Thanks to you and all the rest.



4 thoughts on “Thanks John!

  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from across the Pacific
    Dearest Armand
    have a brilliant day little cancer crab!
    You’ve made a brilliant home here for all us
    Hugs & kisses for a great day
    Lise xx

  2. I think there should be a national blog holiday for you to honor your birthing this most excellent blog that never fails to enlighten and put a smile on my face every day (two things not necessarily nor automatically mutual). Enjoy your day and do something (good) you wouldn’t normally do…you get an automatic excuse today!

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