Wish List


“Whenever any of us face an obstacle or a detour in life, it’s good to try and find the positive in the experience. Doing so not only lifts our spirits and yields a glimmer of hope, but sometimes provides the opportunity to reflect. I’ve spent some of my days while confined pondering this wake-up call, what it means, what I can change. And while I’m not yet finished with my stint as a blogging hermit, I have gained clarity about what I wish for myself once I’m up and dancing once again.

So here’s my wishes, a brief but not necessarily complete list to add to my life, once the current hermit-like existence is retired for good. You may notice these can’t be bought, but are experiences that can only be sought, and only with intent. None of these will come easily unless I accept their possibilities and let go of obstacles in my path.

I wish to learn more about clouds and their shapes, what they mean when they do their heavenly dance up there. Then I want to lie on green grass for hours and just stare at the them, and let my mind decide what their shapes remind me of, like I used to do when I was an idle youth.

I wish never to lose this newly gained slower pace of life. Why do we have to be knocked down with a proverbial 2×4 to understand that life doesn’t have to be measured by how much we get done in one day, by the bulge of our bank accounts, or the number of pages in our resumes?

I wish never to return to the days of loud alarm clocks and panicked feet racing through showers and suits just to make a commute on time. I like my new early mornings of leisure breakfasts and casual readings of paper and email….”

Gary Varner

Image: © 2004 GV