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Temples on Wheels

Car Temple Procession of Lord Sri Rama 19th century painting shows the chariot being dragged by devotees Chariot or Car Festivals of India [via]

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Make your own Holy Grail Diary

“Should You feel the same need for a Grail Diary, there are two way to get one. Buy one from one the “amateur” prop-makers. They often offers their work on E-bay. Just be prepered to pay around $500 – 900.” … Continue reading

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Le Cascate di Iguazù

“Giaguari, puma, serpenti corallini e pseudocorallini ci sono ma non ne vedrò uno (non è come alle Cascate Vittoria, in Africa, ove chi ti attraversa la strada è un elefante o un antilope e non un turista giapponese). Per fare … Continue reading

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eBay Item # 6923119758

“…All night long June 5, we heard the bombers roaring over the hospital. Everyone remarked that something big must be doing. At 7:30, [someone] said paratroopers had landed behind German lines in France. 8am news confirmed it. Everyone stopped work … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Truck Trevor, Wisconsin Advance birthday greetings to John, Aug. 30 and Joachim, Sept. 3 Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Wandering Moleskine Logo Proposal

A study for the Wandering Moleskine Project logo by Joachim

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Wandering Moleskine Project

To all those interested in sending logo proposals for the “Wandering Moleskine Project”, please consider adapting the Moleskinerie logo (stylized notebook with sleeve) for graphical consistency. Include the words “Wandering Moleskine Project”. A.B.F.

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“This site is for everybody who loves to love someone else and also love the rock’n roll, in short, a popular site.” Dacafe [Thanks Joachim]

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Dragon Skies

“Some of the world’s oldst stargazing tools, used by the royal astronomers of ancient China, are on display in Oakland, California; in their first appearance in the United States, at the Chabot Space and Science Center.” Dragon Skies The Astronomy … Continue reading

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Moleskinerie @ ORKUT

  Brandon: What did you use before moleskines? So what notebooks, sketchpads and folios did you use before you discovered the moleskine?   Álvaro: "Premier Notebook 100 pages", a small notebook in electric blue. I bought 5 of them in … Continue reading

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