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“…All night long June 5, we heard the bombers roaring over the hospital. Everyone remarked that something big must be doing. At 7:30, [someone] said paratroopers had landed behind German lines in France. 8am news confirmed it. Everyone stopped work for a few minutes. It was a queer feeling. It made me feel sort of sad. I was thinking of all those guys over there dying –for us…”


“This Diary of Lieutenant Sally Trotter, a young woman on a two year overseas tour of duty with the Number 12 Canadian General Hospital Unit from August 31st, 1943 to July 26th, 1945, can truly and accurately be classified as one of a kind. She documented her tour with not only many entries, but also with hundreds of comical amateur illustrations, artist’s sketches, newspaper clippings, political cartoons, magazine pictures, ship tickets, numerous personally shot photos of friends and superiors (some are hand watercolored), group photos, professional photos, coinage, French Francs, watercolor painting postcards, poems, brochures, programs, dinner menus, even pictures of German patients! The size and scope of the memorabilia is substantial, arguably the greatest of which may be the embroidered insignia cut out from a German Tank Corps Uniform and a ribbon from a German Iron Cross! Captions under most of the pictures and many of the aforementioned items abound throughout the diary.”

Diary -Authentic Pictoral+Written WWII Account -UNIQUE!
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eBay Item # 6923119758

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