Henry’s Grail Diary


“Henry’s Grail diary remains one of the most interesting props seen in the Indiana Jones Trilogy. The Williams Collection claims to know of at least six in existence; three of them have allready passed through there hands, and have been sold for the tune of $18,000. Another is in the possession of George Lucas.”


“Here we see the page known as “The Grail Mass & Omphalos”. We can see at the back the top of the Los Angeles Railyard ticket of which we have a complete photo at the Inserts section.”


“The Grail Diary is one of the most sought after props from the Indiana Jones Trilogy. It was written by Henry Jones (Indy’s Father) during forty years of research, traveling etc. The journal is filled with clues to the whereabouts of the lost relic. Found within this work of art are notes, sketches, maps, all the musings of an intellectual in pursuit of a legend of history. “every clue he followed, every discovery he made, the complete account of his quest for the Holy Grail” as Indy sais in the movie.

The Lucasfilm Archives states that the book measures 17x10cm, but I know there is a one cm error so the correct measurments are 16×10 and 3 cm wide.”

Henry’s Grail Diary
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  1. The Grail Diary is brilliant… Why hasn’t it been published in a limited-edition
    facsimile edition…or at least as a graphic novel sort of thing?

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