On the M 2005 Diary


“Yesterday, on my way to the cinema after work I passed the Guild, our local moleskine shop, to see the tantelising sign in the window “Moleskine 2005” and the man locking up the door for the night.

So today I walked over to pick one up (and restrain myself from buying more) – going for the pocket-day-a-page as I’ve found it invaluable in my work, but I never quite fill up the large one in a day (using it more to log my tasks and reminders than my meetings, ‘cos as a PA I don’t have that many). I’ll probably start using the address book part now – what a great idea!

If, like me, you’re lazy (or have rubbish handwriting) and don’t want to write everything in, make stickers for events and stick them in, or use the ones at stila (www.stilacosmetics.com – looking in stila style/ calendar girls).

And, two quick recommendations – go see Before Sunset (new film with Ethan Hawke&Julie Delpy) – it’s a wonderful conversation with two old friends (going to try and rewatch Before Sunrise now), and when Celine talks about keeping a journal, as a Parisien you imagine her to be using a moleskine and writing in her favourite cafe with a citron presse – and another Parisien set thing, “Claudine in Paris” which I was recommended and quite enjoyed (especially if you like journal writing, Paris, and cats) – but be warned, not suitable to everyone’s taste ;-)”

Sophia @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT
8/11/2004 10:59 AM

Image: Mojolondon