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Worldwide Vintage Postcards

Coucher de Soleil en rade de Papeete Possibly the mother of all vintage postcard sites. Worldwide Vintage Postcards “Quality Postcards for your Hobby” [via BoingBoing]

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Rose Dale Farm Bed & Breakfast

“Rose Dale Farm Bed & Breakfast is located in Piggott, Arkansas near the Hemingway Pfeiffer Museum where Ernest Hemingway wrote ‘A Farewell to Arms.’ Piggott, Arkansas is on the scenic Crowley’s Ridge Parkway, a National Scenic Byway. Rose Dale Farm … Continue reading

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The Book of Urizen

William Blake. The Book of Urizen..Lambeth, [ca. 1815]. The Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection, catalog no. 1807. The Library of Congress [Thanks Luigi]

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This is Grand

“THE TIE THAT BINDS by Jenny Inzerillo The 54A is bizarre. It’s either regulars going to work in smocks or starched pants, or it’s strangers in shirtsleeves fidgeting, sweaty and pale. The route starts at the Irving Park Blue Line, … Continue reading

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Pen on Fire

“In her years of teaching, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett has found aspiring writers–especially women– blocked not by fear of the blank page but by the lack of time. We’re sure we need an afternoon to do any real writing, yet finding even … Continue reading

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The End of QWERTY?

“The XPeRT Keyboard Solution: 2003 * XPeRT is a keyboard Built for Speed ….. AND …… easy transition from Qwerty. * Hunt & Peck keyboard users can reach touch typing speeds with no special training. The XPeRT Keyboard moves only … Continue reading

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Lights of the City

“The Goddess Insomnia takes many forms: she may tease mercilessly as you toss and turn, or torture you gleefully as you lie perfectly still, hoping in vain to fade into slumber. Either way you’re mired between sleeping and rising. This … Continue reading

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Photographic proof

“Here you have it, ladies and gentleman. Photographic proof that God, after wandering the streets of Boston and Cambridge with chalk in hand, has finally come home to roost here in Keene, NH. I’m glad to see that God has … Continue reading

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Bantayan Island Cebu, Philippines Photo by R.S.G. © 2004 View a larger image @ AFK* … Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Henry’s Grail Diary

Lucasfilms “Henry’s Grail diary remains one of the most interesting props seen in the Indiana Jones Trilogy. The Williams Collection claims to know of at least six in existence; three of them have allready passed through there hands, and have … Continue reading

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