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I use the Pilot P-700. For day-in, day-out reliability and long lasting ink supply, it works for me. No problem with bleed-through in my Moleskine. Happiness.


I use fountain pens especially Pelikan. Of course, bleed through is a big problem of Moleskine paper but it appears less when you refuse using blotting paper. Furthermore you have to chose various inks. I think only a few make bleed through so it is not impossible to use a fountain pen in a moleskine.

Hugo G

I have been using Moleskines for a couple of months, I have found that .1mm pens like Rotring and others give a nice feel while writing, plus I like the sound of the pen on the paper. It has a very “anti-high tech” feel and sound. The ink drys fast and is permanent.

michael t

I use a Pelikan M400 with a fine nib, and Waterman black ink – no bleed through to speak of.

Of course, it kind of depends on your style, but I think the right nib/ink will be fine.

I’d like to try the Noodler’s Legal Lapis – it’s permanent. It’s waterproof once it’s dried on paper, but water soluble until then. It’s designed for fountain pens.


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  1. Fazal Majid says:

    I tried three fountain pens with three inks – a Montblanc Meisterstuck, a Waterman Edson, and a S. T. Dupont Orpheo, all medium nibs, with Aurora black, Private Reserve Naples blue, and Herbin Vert Pre inks. None bleeds through, but the paper is translucent and the strong inks show through.

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