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“I plan to wax political here, so please bear with me. I don’t usually like to bring politics into a hobby but here I think its appropriate since it is actually what got me into Moleskines.

I just read 1984 about a year ago and remember Winston Smith fearing death for buying a blank notebook and a pen. I went to Barnes and Noble and bought my first unlined sketch-book based Moleskine. I paid in cash and felt good about buying a book, a weapon that George Orwell used to help crush communism when he wrote Animal Farm, with no trace back to me. It was a weapon of mass destruction in my hand. A telepathic link between me and an unknown reader in an unknown place and time.

It was a fun gag. I ended up writing some fun little stories in it, nothing too political or challenging. Nothing like Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”. Certainly I never thought that owning a book would ever be illegal again. It was all just for pretend.

And then I read this…”

by Mike
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  1. Just a funny side note. The picture on the homepage of my fancy Moleskine in candellight happens to include a copy of the Book of Vile Darkness. It is a “mature” D&D book (because it has breasts in it, I think) and the girl who sold it to me told me she could be arrested for selling it to a kid under 18. I don’t think thats true, but if it is, its just another perfect example of the morality of a small few forced on the majority. I voted for no anti-D&D law, did you?

  2. Stories like the one that started this thread make me really glad I live in Australia, and so I don’t have to suffer a bag&body search on the NJ-NY ferry twice a day.

    Except (um, I’m sorry, but we’re south of the equator and the sun fries our brains) I have to wonder what D&D is? Downunder it means “desperate and dateless…”

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