The Ancient Greek Olympic Program


“In ancient Greece, the Olympics would be over by now

Though far more culturally important to the Greek world than the modern Olympics, the ancient games took place over the course of just five days. Below is a reconstruction of the ancient Olympic program, taken from Tony Perrottet’s The Naked Olympics:

The Ancient Greek Olympic Program

The original format of the ancient Olympics was such a success that it hardly changed after its main contours were established around 470 B.C. There were a few ill-fated experiments, but by and large the schedule remained consistent, a beacon of Greek tradition in a world transformed by conquests, plagues, exotic religions, and grasping empires. Historians still argue about the details, but a consensus has emerged on the basic schedule of the five-day program:

Day One


* Opening ceremonies: Swearing-in of athletes, trainers, and Olympic judges before a statue of Zeus wielding a thunderbolt.

* Contests for heralds and trumpeters in the Echo Colonnade.

* Athletes make their private sacrifices to the gods at one of the site’s altars and consult oracles.”

Rolf Potts

Link: Tony Perrottet
The Naked Olympics

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