Wandering Moleskine Logo Proposal


A study for the Wandering Moleskine Project logo
by Joachim

4 thoughts on “Wandering Moleskine Logo Proposal

  1. I went to the Crown Bookstore at SogoClub (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) to test the paper of Moleskine Large Plain (120 pages — 13cm x 21cm) with my Parker fountain paper filled with Montblanc black ink. So unhappily I found that the hand-written words can be seen pretty obviously on the other side of the paper though the ink does not bleed. Any has any idea about which ink (for fountain pen: Montblanc, Noodler’s, Private Reserve, Aurora, Waterman??) runs better on the paper of the Plain notebook without penetrating so much to the other side? Tons of thanks. I love Moleskine, but I also love fountain pen and ink too. I want them to have a harmonious marriage. THANKS A LOT. MERCI BEAUCOUP. MILLE GRAZIE.

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