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Hello there!

I am from Germany and recently bought my first Moleskine. While I was preparing for 2005 last week, I found, that the Weeks are differently numbered, than in my other calendar.

For example Week 1 starts in Moleskines on December 27th (2004) and in my other calendar on January 3rd…

This of course brings the whole year in confusion if I make appointments with other people.

Would you be so kind and check with you other calendars if this is a phenomenon or simply a mistake???


Jörg Niklas

Update 1.21.05
Moleskine will reinstate the earlier design in the 2006 edition.

I did a quick search via google and found this:
Kalenderwochen eines Jahres werden beginnend mit der Woche gezählt, in der der 4. Januar des jeweiligen Jahres liegt. Somit haben die meisten Jahre 52, manche aber 53 Kalenderwochen. Und zur ersten oder letzten Kalenderwoche gehören nicht selten Tage, die in einem anderen Jahr liegen.

via http://www.salesianer.de/util/kalwoch.html

Means: The Week 1 begins in the week, which has the 4th of january in it. So my moleskine is wrong in 2005 – yours too??

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  1. I bought the 2005 Diary version (three actually, two will turn into gifts). I take notes for work in mine as well as my daily plans but I ran out of paper space in the weekly version. The daily one is great but very thick.

  2. See also notes on the iso standard.

    “The first week of the year is the week in which the first thursday lies.”, which is a bit more intuitive than the “week in which the fourth falls”, especially given that europeans index the week starting on monday & the first week of the year should be more than half in the current year, rather than the last.

  3. On my trusty old Handspring Visor Edge (Yes, I’m kind of a heretic, using my small ruled Moleskine for taking notes only … 😉 the 1st week begins on January 3rd, so the Moleskine calendar, at least the one sold in Germany, seems to have it wrong.

  4. My 2004 weekly diary has week 1 beginning on Monday, 12/29.

    I recently received a 2005 daily diary (and it really is about an inch thick) from ebay and it starts on 1/1/05 and calls that week 1, but Monday, 1/3/05 begins week 2.

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