AFK*: Cody Payne


I recently met Cody at a local Starbucks where he is frequently seen working on his 3D models. The ex-Marine believes that making art in public does the society good.


Cody is currently doing some prop work for an independent movie being shot in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

Model of the moment: “The Mummy”.

View larger images at the AFK* Gallery.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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10 Responses to AFK*: Cody Payne

  1. Álvaro says:

    It’s nice to see an artist in a public space, I agree with him, making art in public does the society good.

    It’s a pity that here in León, Spain, there are few artists that do things in public space. This is one of the consecuences of living in a small town 🙁

  2. Patrick says:

    Cool! Starbucks (or any other shop for that matter) should start a program like this.

  3. Drew says:

    OMG! I can’t believe it. I know him. If you have his contact information, could you please email/call him and give him my email address. He is incredible. I knew him ten years ago, but he moved away and I lost touch with him. I would GREATLY apprectiate it if you could do me this favor!

  4. IL Postino says:

    Will contact him with your email.

  5. Drew says:

    Thank you so much. Very much appreciated!

  6. Drew says:

    hello 🙂 this post is in regard to Cody Payne. I’ve been looking for him, but no luck so far. If anyone has any info on him that would be cool, but I understand that is very skeptical. If anyone knows him could pass him my email address that would be great! IL Postino, I don’t know if you were able to get in touch with him or maybe he doesn’t have the means to email me, or maybe he doesn’t want to (which would be very disappointing for me) but thank you anyways, I do very much appreciate it. take care everyone.

  7. IL Postino says:

    Hi Drew,
    Your info was transmitted to Cody a while back. He was in the process of moving to a different address at that time. Will try again.

  8. Drew says:

    aahhh, right on! thank you! this is very kind of you!

  9. cody payne says:

    kool i looked my self on google anf i found this!!

  10. Susan says:

    Hey, Cody Payne! Remember me, Mr. Wonderful?

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