“They’re called “photobloggers” – a sloppy term for sloppy times. They’re people who, armed with cameras ranging from cheap to expensive, film to digital, wander the streets documenting their world and posting the results to the web.

In another time they would have been called artists. Personal documentarians. But we have a simpler word for them: Photographers.

JPG Magazine is for photographers like us who fall somewhere in between the strict definitions of “amateur” and “professional.” People who, enabled by new technology that makes imagemaking and self-publishing easier than ever, have fallen in love with photography and sought out others with the same passion.

We’re here to embrace the joy of photography without any attitude. We don’t care about what you shoot or how. We’re not purists of any stripe. We just love photography – images that challenge, explore, captivate, and surprise.”

JPG Magazine

Coming in November