From Moleskinerie friend Daniel Kiowski:

"I found your site when I googled for the name of Lisa to find the website of her new store-project (as you know, she ain’t got the R.S.V.P. store any more). When I read your article about the Swedish copy of Moleskine I thought I should tell you that German industry isn’t sleeping as well. There’s a fake moleskine on the market here, too, called "Kompagnon".

In my opinion this is just ridiculous to copycat something just because its good (and the BRUNNEN"-version of the notebook though cheaper can’t reach for the original’s quality)."

Post on Swedish Moleskine copies

Image: Brunnen

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Kompagnon

  1. Pascal says:

    Actually, these are said to be better quality than the Moleskines… additionally, you can attach your pen to them.

    Don’t be fooled by Moleskine. They look great and smell great, but they are manufactured in China for a few cents and then sold expensively…

  2. ssossatt says:

    actually, it is ridiculous in the first place to think that modo et modo’s moleskine is “the original thing”. if anything is a knockoff of the famed “vrai moleskine” , it is modo et modo’s products in the first place! the company just cleverly took the name and used the “vrai moleskine” story in their advertising campaign.

    and yes, brunnen’s products are very high-quality products, with great fountain-pen-friendly paper.

  3. ssossatt says:

    i just got my first kompagnon yesterday and i must admit i was very disappointed by the paper quality! not only is it not at all what i am used to from other brunnen products, but it is even worse than moleskine paper – which itself is not particularly good, from the perspective of a fountain-pen user. the kompagnon notebook is very nice, pleasant in the hand, lies flat, the pen loop is very practical, it has all the bonus features of modo et modo’s moleskines… but the paper quality is extremely disappointing.

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