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“Since a few weeks ago, I’ve also became a Moleskine supporter, follower, user…
However, I am afraid of what will happen when I reach the last page of my Moleskine.
What should I do?
What do you do? What do people do?
How does it work starting a new one having things you got attached to in an old one? Do you bring the previous ones with you? Do you just keep them on a bookshelf?…”

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Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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9 Responses to Last Page

  1. Pragmatik says:

    I put mine on a shelf in the closet. I keep meaning to get around to getting some kind of air-tight storage container, since it will help the acid-free pages to stay preserved, moisture-free.

    As if anyone in 100 years will care what I think! 😛

  2. Fazal Majid says:

    Use a Sharpie metallic silver marker to write a volume number on the spine, and put it on your bookshelf.

  3. Charlie says:

    I’m 13 pages away from the end of my first one right now! The new one is right above my computer monitor on a shelf as we speak, just waiting to get into action! Should be in the next day or so…

    What am I doing with the “filled up” one? I didn’t use a Sharpie metallic silver marker – although that would be cool! Nope, I pulled out my trusty Brother P-Touch label machine, made a label with an identifying volume number and placed it on there…just like all the other “important” books on my shelves.

    Sharpie metallic silver, huh? Hmmmmm…

  4. Alia says:

    I finished off my first moleskine sketchbook last autumn. It was surprisingly hard to finish the last few pages and to move on to the fresh moleskine that had been patiently waiting for me. Starting the new sketchbook was challenging, too. Suddenly, I had to find a new rhythm for the illustrations and theme and find a way to start new work without the inspiration of flipping back to favorite pages. It sounds silly when I write about the dilemma. Once I finally got going on the new one, I found myself revisiting the old one less and less.

    To the labeling issue. I considered a silver Sharpie, but the ink didn’t adhere well to the thin spine of my book. I considered my keychain sized label maker. I couldn’t think of what to call the book. Finally, I decided that a title, numbering sequence, or even some sort of esoteric order would occur to me once I had a nice pile of the little books; I put my finished sketchbook away undefined on the shelf. It’s my book. I should know what it’s about…or take the pleasure in rediscovering its contents.

  5. Joi Ito says:

    I just started my second one. I’m using stickers to identify them. Saw this on Howard Rheingold’s Moleskine and ripped off the idea.

  6. Place them on a proper bookshelf where they will continue to inspire. Annotate them with the date and month of first entry so they can be catalogued with your estate. There’s a book in everybody.

  7. ine says:

    funny to see my moleskine here, did you know we seel them at PhotoBlog, if you ask nicely you can even get it with your own picture…

    ine from mastuvu and

  8. Marie Germaine says:

    This might sound a little weird but I treat my moleskines as if they had feelings. I always say good bye on the last page.

    Labeling them…. I don’t I write the volume number on the inside page(where you write your name) and place them in numberical order on my shelf.

  9. Marie Germaine says:

    I just cannot bear to mark the outside of them…

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