“A safety blanket”

The Moleskine notebook that resides permanently in the bottom of my bag is not just the best notebook I’ve ever had but also somewhat of a safety blanket. Containing all my useful details and numbers, dates and to-do lists it is also the home to sketches and doodles, thoughts and feelings from most of the places I have been to over the years. They are warm and friendly, inviting to write in and something special to keep. It’s like an old friend to me, soft to the touch and gently worn around the edges from the constant use. Beautiful.

Rachel, United Kingdom – 25 August 2004

“A treasure box of thoughts”

Physically, the right size and shape to easily, quietly and calmly carry around. The notebook is hidden in plain sight. Psychologically, not a container but a purse, a treasure box of thoughts and impressions and feelings and data. A message to myself that need not be mediated by the perceptual idiosyncrasies of others. My playground of the mind and heart. The elastic band serves a dual function of physical closure and psychic mind latch. Possibly its greatest design feature.

Daniel, United States – 24 May 2004



[Thanks Lise!]