Moleskine Decoration

RicardoRicardo asks: Do you have any kind of decoration on the inside cover of your moleskine? If so, what is it? (a photo, drawing, etc…)

Baudelaire in there. In the inside cover of my 2004 diary is a photo of Charles Baudelaire with the lines from “The Voice”:

“how many truths I trade away for lies,
and musing on heaven, stumble over trash…”

Samantha’s ‘Skine Mod

“What about the outside of a Moleskine? Since Moleskines look identical, I have to decorate the outside to tell them apart. I’ve found stickers usually work pretty well. (My current journal has parrots and musical notes on it.) Are there any other materials you use on the outside?”

“I pasted the image of a singer I like. and because the surface was too big for the cover on the (little) moleskine, I pasted one big part on the front, and the remnant of the image on the back …”

Discussion: The Moleskinerie Community @ ORKUT

5 thoughts on “Moleskine Decoration

  1. I put an exlibris from a REALLY talented guy
    named Ivan Miladinovic on the inside front
    cover of my last one and am probably going
    to put it in my current one.

    It is a picture of a crooked floor-to-ceiling
    stone window in a castle(?). There is a guard
    in knight’s armor and a long, twisting piece
    of paper wrapping around his invisible head.
    The window for me is symbolic to “this is my
    journal, my brain and world on paper. This is
    a window into my soul. The guard I suppose
    could be representing the two covers and
    elastic band to guard its contents

    Seriously, check this guy out. See the pic
    I’m talking about too, because it sounds
    stupid unless you see it.

  2. Noooooo! I feel so horriable to do such a thing!
    How could you?
    I makes me want to cry.

    At first, I was afraid to even WRITe in my moleskine, my compromise was that the cover remain the same. Forever.

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