Moleskin (Joe), The Book


“Dating from 1923, this is the hard and gritty story of Moleskin Joe, a buck navvy who tramped the roads of Britain, looking for work. A big, rough man, he fell for a woman, and ended up looking for her for most of his tough life.

“There’s a good time coming, though we may never live to see it.”

That was Joe’s motto, and that of many of his peers.

This is an uncompromising tale of the hard labour that men were often forced into. While not as relentlessly grim as McGill’s other works, “Children of the Dead End”(which is a minor classic) and “The Rat Pit”, “Moleskin Joe” stands as yet another record of Britain in the early twentieth century.”

Moleskine Joe
Patrick MacGill, Brian D. Osborne
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