Muriel Spark

"since 1949 onwards I have thrown away practically nothing on paper."


"The Muriel Spark archive is unique among the National Library of Scotland’s collections of papers of Scottish writers. No other author has so deliberately and carefully preserved a record of their life.

The earliest papers date from the 1940s, when Muriel Spark made a decision to keep all kinds of documentary evidence. The early sparse records of wartime poverty that chart the struggles of an unknown author are joined by scores of diaries, numerous accounts and cheque books, and tens of thousands of letters, growing in number as her fame has risen."

Visit: The Muriel Spark Archive
The National Library of Scotland

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Muriel Spark 1918-2006

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  1. Marvin Holmberg says:

    Since reading Muriel Spark’s C.V, her biography, many years ago (loved it), I have been waiting for the next stage of her story in vain. She has recently published a novel so there may be hope. Does anyone know if she is working on her bio? This to to encourage her to carry on the autobiogrphy (please).

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