New Moleskine Styles

“Two NEW Moleskine Notebook styles have just been introduced! The Music Notebook and the Storyboard Notebook! The Music Book was designed for musicians, sound designers and song writers and the Storyboard book for advertising creatives, graphic designers and film makers. These new Moleskine notebooks come with all the same quality Moleskine notebook features that you’ve come to expect — helping your creativity in new ways.”



The notebook for musicians, sound designers and song writers, for jotting down harmonies and melodies. Each page consists of 8 staffs, each staff consists of five horizontal lines, with four spaces between, on which musical notation is written.”



The notebook for advertising creators, graphic designers, filmmakers, and cartoonists. A sequence of frames for drawing your mini-stories provides. The first half of the book has two frames per page – the last half has four per page along the left side, with room to write text to the right of each frame.”

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6 thoughts on “New Moleskine Styles

  1. I am so excited about that staff paper one. I had actually posted over at Orkut about it once before. Yesterday was the first time in months that I’d visted MoleskineUS, and I was wondering how long the music books had been available, since I saw them for the first time. Looks like my timing was just right, if their just making an appearance here also. Can’t wait to get one. I think I’ll have to start carrying two books in my bag, one for words and the other for melodies and musical ideas. Since I am in the habit of numbering my pages, I’ll probably just cross reference lyric to tune by page number.

  2. I just got back from my local B&N, and it seems that Modo&Modo has changed the sleeves on the Moleskines. They’re wider; the graphic is better; and the colors are different. For instance, lined notebooks and squared notebooks are no longer the same color. That’s good, if you’re like me and you’ve bought the wrong one before:)
    I forgot to see if they changed (upped) the price.

  3. I am delighted to see the release of the music notebook. I ordered three of them immediately. I had been using the square ruled one because I like having the freedom to write anywhere but still have lines when I want them. I’ll move to using the music lined pages for everything – music notation, lyrics, regular writing, ideas, drawings, etc. I am so glad to see Moleskine branching out. I hope the new books are well received.


  4. I still prefer unlined. I have a secret cache of fifty unlined Moleskines hidden away. I also bought a couple of the day journals but the size scares me a little bit. They’re thick!

    I think I use up about two Moleskines a year so that stash of fifty should last until 2029 but I may buy another stash when I can stomach the price.

  5. I bought several at a B&N in New Jersey last month, and the price was the same. I’m currently in Southern Calif., and plan to check out the supply here.

  6. Just bought a music journal. I love the concept, however the execution is flawed: the size of the stave is totally out of proportion to the page. It’s just way too big. I get 2 bars to a system at the absolute maximum. Writing music in this journal is like using one of those children’s cursive copy-books (the sort where dotted-lines indicate where the letters should project) which only allows you severeral words a line.

    I’m still looking for one of those fabled rollers that Stravinsky used to rule up his staff-lines, or a math-o-mat like template that will allow me to keep my home-made lines paralell

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