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“Some artists’ signatures are self-expression, some are design elements, and some are just fun One day in Antibes, not long after the war, Picasso was treating a group of friends to lunch at a restaurant. As the lunch went on... Read More


New Moleskine Styles

“Two NEW Moleskine Notebook styles have just been introduced! The Music Notebook and the Storyboard Notebook! The Music Book was designed for musicians, sound designers and song writers and the Storyboard book for advertising creatives, graphic designers and film makers.... Read More



Performance Japanese calligraphy “Welcome to my page Japanese calligraphy(Shodo) art shop”Fudejiya”!! We stick to hand writing Japanese calligraphy to offer to customers. We send a real writing Japanese calligraphy work to you from Japan. However the conditons of Japanese housing,it... Read More


New Optics

“As he spoke, the music changed from a low wailing to furious trumpet blasts, and a horde of demons, with fearful faces, came rushing out into the court.” -Daughter of the Mountains L. Rankin I finally got my glasses today.... Read More


AFK* :Blur

Recent shots, away from the computer. View larger images at the AFK* Gallery Enjoy the weekend, M people!... Read More


Moleskine Decoration

Ricardo asks: Do you have any kind of decoration on the inside cover of your moleskine? If so, what is it? (a photo, drawing, etc…) Pragmatik: Baudelaire in there. In the inside cover of my 2004 diary is a photo... Read More


Muriel Spark

"since 1949 onwards I have thrown away practically nothing on paper." "The Muriel Spark archive is unique among the National Library of Scotland’s collections of papers of Scottish writers. No other author has so deliberately and carefully preserved a record... Read More



“They’re called “photobloggers” – a sloppy term for sloppy times. They’re people who, armed with cameras ranging from cheap to expensive, film to digital, wander the streets documenting their world and posting the results to the web. In another time... Read More


The Geneva Declaration

Sign onto the Geneva Declaration, change WIPO! Last weekend, I represented EFF at a meeting in Geneva of several disparate activist and non-govermental orgs, working to draft a joint doc called “Future of WIPO,” (or, more formally, “Geneva Declaration on... Read More