Shooting the Franklin

“The current would take over, sending the canoe on a different course … Log jams were a hazard … In the excitement of departure we left behind the carefully soldered tins of wheatmeal biscuits, our staple diet. If Weston hadn’t... Read More


Note-taking and Myth-making

I have two notebooks with me on this journey. One is slim and black and clamps its own pages shut with an elastic belt. Attached to the spine is a woven cloth bookmark and in the back is an elegantly... Read More



From Moleskinerie friend Daniel Kiowski: "I found your site when I googled for the name of Lisa to find the website of her new store-project (as you know, she ain’t got the R.S.V.P. store any more). When I read your... Read More


Searching for the perfect pen

I don’t think I have THAT high expectations for the pens in my life. I want something reliable, easy to hold, that uses waterproof ink, that’s refillable and (I suppose here is my problem) has a certain something that makes... Read More


2005 Moleskine Diary

Hello there! I am from Germany and recently bought my first Moleskine. While I was preparing for 2005 last week, I found, that the Weeks are differently numbered, than in my other calendar. For example Week 1 starts in Moleskines... Read More


Radio Free NYC

“But there is something extremely punk about this book. I can’t describe it. Maybe I’m easily bought to the marketing thinking that I am using something that the greats used. But I have been writing lots more in it than... Read More


Urban Blossom

in the city the strangest plants begin to bloom… anti:freeze by karrie higgins “blossom” color the sky with... Read More


AFK*: Millennium Park, Chicago

Detail, Jay Pritzker Pavillion by Frank Gehry “Cloud Gate”, The Kapoor Sculpture on SBC Plaza Crown Fountain by Jaume Plensa Asleep near the Cloud Gate Birthday greetings to Mary Kindred (September 19) Enjoy your weekend, everyone! View larger images at... Read More


Sweet Moleskine Action

“Cablemess” yak_tg “Kind of a self portrait” yak_tg Sketch Thread – September ’04 [via... Read More