Poco Profile


“Poco Profile is a small Australian owned business set up in 1989 to manufacture a range of organizers and refills. Like many small businesses it was started in the lounge room, graduated to the sunroom and laundry, took on a second bedroom, and then in 1994, whilst still staying pretty small, it grew into “proper” premises.

Whilst there is lots of leather and other materials around the work-place, binders are not made there and refills are not printed on site. Poco Profile works with artisans and tradespeople – Australia’s finest – to develop and manufacture products under the Poco Profile brand. After working with typesetters since the beginning, all pre-production of refills is now done in house. The Poco Profile premises is where it’s all put together and sent out – mostly to the local Australian retail marketplace.”

Poco Profile

[Thanks Stephen]

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