Shooting the Franklin


“The current would take over, sending the canoe on a different course … Log jams were a hazard … In the excitement of departure we left behind the carefully soldered tins of wheatmeal biscuits, our staple diet. If Weston hadn’t shot a wallaby with a .303 army rifle we would have been forced to abandon the trip earlier. The other disaster was that somehow we managed to get nearly all of our matches wet.”

One folboat was lost after it jammed under a waterfall. The four of them packed into the remaining craft — “but progress was too slow for starving men. It was time to walk out.”

Map-covered notebooks used to record the gang’s adventures

Shooting the Franklin

Special thanks to Allan Moult, Editor & Publisher of Leatherwood Online who writes:

“I have personally been using Moleskine notebooks for years in my journalistic travels, and somehow the notes in them have been the genesis of my best articles.

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