The moleskine notebook of the web

antoineirecom“I have reservations about the moleskine notebooks. Personally, fancy brands make me nervous. Ask anyone who knows me. My favorite supermarket is Lidl (especially good for cleaning products and the odd hardware special, and the chocolate is excellent too) and my fave airline is Ryanair. (I’d fly on ’em more, but they are quite expensive to go Dublin-London on, when you take all the costs into account).

I like the product, I like the story and I like the idea, but at the core, 14 euros for a notebook with an oilcloth cover is a bit of a rip-off. For me the value of brands is quality, consistency and a connection with the manufacture and design of the product, not the snob value. I’d buy a cheaper notebook in a minute if it had the same handy features. Not that I begrudge Modo e Modo their money; if they can find people who are prepared to pay, good for them.”