The Swedish Moleskine-copies


“A well established Swedish maker of calendars, Almanacksförlaget has a new line of notebooks – identical to Moleskines, but cheaper and of slightly inferior in quality. The size is the same, they have a similar black cover, elastic band, bookmark ribbon, and most damning: expandable pocket in the back. They are so similar that you could easily pick the wrong one if you’re in a hurry. But you’d find out at the counter: they only cost half as much as Moleskines.

However, the quality, as I said, is inferior. (That in itself is no big deal, it’s just a notebook, right? 🙂 But this is a comparison.) The paper has a too-white, glossy sheen. The covers are plasticky, more blatantly faux leather than the moleskine… well, let’s call it oilcloth.

All in all – I think that it’s just weird that a notebookmaker should just leap for an apparent trend instead of trying something new. There was no response from Almanacksförlaget regarding this issue.

Niklas Dahlin


Best wishes to Uanderson Oliveira on his birthday today, September 16 from all of us @ Moleskinerie!

5 thoughts on “The Swedish Moleskine-copies

  1. I wonder if the paper is acid-free or not. The biggest reason I love Moleskines are their durability and longevity. I doubt I’d switch. How can you put a price tag on such a wonderful device as this?

  2. The Swedish copies are not the only ones. If you look at, you’ll see that the Back Pocket Mini model is strangely familiar. Yes, it’s Moleskine-sized and secured with an elastic band. Inside, there’s a “memento accordion pouch” and “lined fine laid paper,” and a gray bookmark. The difference is the cover, which is a picture of a leather cover, complete with raised “stitching.” The price, at least where I found mine, is comparable to a Moleskine.

  3. You know, I saw one of those at Barnes and Nobles. They had five on the shelf. Three of them had broken elastic bands. That’s not very good quality control.

    I am surprised how long the elastic band lasts on my day-planner. I’ve carried it for nine months now without any real sign of wear.

  4. Paperchase in the UK have a similar notebook, a bit wider. The paper is similar in colour and texture, although it may be a little thinner. There are about 220 pages. It has all the other features though – the flap at the back, the bookmark, the elastic, the rounded corners. The cover is slightly less rigid (which makes no real difference in practice). The cover is a weaved finish. I think it would be moderately water repellent. The spine seems to sit more nicely than the modo e modo product. The price is GBP 7.50, which is a bit less than the modo e modo.

  5. I think that it’s just weird that a notebookmaker should just leap for an apparent trend instead of trying something new.

    –because that wasn’t what Modo & Modo did at all…? Hmm.

    (Snark aside: M&M knocked off a French design that was once used by lots of stationers. This is, in a way, a return to the era of Chatwin.)

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