The Swedish Moleskine-copies


“A well established Swedish maker of calendars, Almanacksförlaget has a new line of notebooks – identical to Moleskines, but cheaper and of slightly inferior in quality. The size is the same, they have a similar black cover, elastic band, bookmark ribbon, and most damning: expandable pocket in the back. They are so similar that you could easily pick the wrong one if you’re in a hurry. But you’d find out at the counter: they only cost half as much as Moleskines.

However, the quality, as I said, is inferior. (That in itself is no big deal, it’s just a notebook, right? :) But this is a comparison.) The paper has a too-white, glossy sheen. The covers are plasticky, more blatantly faux leather than the moleskine… well, let’s call it oilcloth.

All in all – I think that it’s just weird that a notebookmaker should just leap for an apparent trend instead of trying something new. There was no response from Almanacksförlaget regarding this issue.

- Niklas Dahlin


Best wishes to Uanderson Oliveira on his birthday today, September 16 from all of us @ Moleskinerie!

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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5 Responses to The Swedish Moleskine-copies

  1. Mike says:

    I wonder if the paper is acid-free or not. The biggest reason I love Moleskines are their durability and longevity. I doubt I’d switch. How can you put a price tag on such a wonderful device as this?

  2. Alia says:

    The Swedish copies are not the only ones. If you look at, you’ll see that the Back Pocket Mini model is strangely familiar. Yes, it’s Moleskine-sized and secured with an elastic band. Inside, there’s a “memento accordion pouch” and “lined fine laid paper,” and a gray bookmark. The difference is the cover, which is a picture of a leather cover, complete with raised “stitching.” The price, at least where I found mine, is comparable to a Moleskine.

  3. Mike says:

    You know, I saw one of those at Barnes and Nobles. They had five on the shelf. Three of them had broken elastic bands. That’s not very good quality control.

    I am surprised how long the elastic band lasts on my day-planner. I’ve carried it for nine months now without any real sign of wear.

  4. Paperchase in the UK have a similar notebook, a bit wider. The paper is similar in colour and texture, although it may be a little thinner. There are about 220 pages. It has all the other features though – the flap at the back, the bookmark, the elastic, the rounded corners. The cover is slightly less rigid (which makes no real difference in practice). The cover is a weaved finish. I think it would be moderately water repellent. The spine seems to sit more nicely than the modo e modo product. The price is GBP 7.50, which is a bit less than the modo e modo.

  5. nick says:

    I think that it’s just weird that a notebookmaker should just leap for an apparent trend instead of trying something new.

    –because that wasn’t what Modo & Modo did at all…? Hmm.

    (Snark aside: M&M knocked off a French design that was once used by lots of stationers. This is, in a way, a return to the era of Chatwin.)

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