Happy Halloween!

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die? Learn your fate @ Quizilla [Thanks Lori. Originally posted 2.23.04] … Have a fun Halloween y’all. Enjoy the weekend. Carve your own virtual pumpkin @ Newgrounds Greetings to Ben Turley on his... Read More


The art of drawing spirits into crystals

The Magic and Philosophy of TRITHEMIUS OF SPANHEIM; containing his book of SECRET THINGS, and DOCTRINE OF SPIRITS with many curious and rare secrets (hitherto not generally known;) Johannes Trithemius: The art of drawing spirits into crystals [via... Read More


Blood Money

Claim: Blood from KISS band members was mixed with the red ink used to print the first KISS comic book. Find out the truth @ Urban... Read More


Does a Moleskine notebook tell the truth?

“When Francesco Piccolo jots down a thought or a cleverly turned phrase into his black Moleskine notebook, the Italian novelist feels steeped in a literary tradition built by such celebrated scribes as Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. . “There is... Read More


Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

“The best astronomical events usually seem to happen at the worst times and places — at 3 a.m. low above your most obstructed horizon, or maybe only in East Antarctica. But not this time, not for observers anywhere in the... Read More


Moleskinerie @ FLICKR

I opened an account there a few months back and forgot all about it. I was pleasantly shocked to find out that there are now 11 members! Welcome the Moleskinerie Group @ FLICKR... Read More


Travels to Irian

“Irian is the Easternmost province of Indonesia, and is half of the island of New Guinea. After a long flight via Jakarta to Yajapura, we found a hotel near Sentani where we had to wait for our travel permits (travel... Read More