Sightings: Moleskine on CSI?



“Last night’s CSI had a large moleskine! I don’t have the means to grab an image (work is strict and I’ll probably be in trouble for this email), but when Nick and Catherine are in the dead woman’s place, looking over her “beautification” implements, the first item Catherine picks up is a large black notebook where the deceased kept notes on her youth regiment. The smooth black cover, rounded corners and general dimensions were a dead tip off, plus I spotted the elastic band tucked about 2/3rds of the way back in the pages.”


6 thoughts on “Sightings: Moleskine on CSI?

  1. Yeah, I noticed it as well. However I thought it had a patterned cover, not a Moleskine black cover. I might be wrong, however — perhaps someone can find a screen grab. 🙂

  2. From Matthew Johnson:

    “Tonight’s CSI featured a Large Plain Moleskine — it was a dead
    college basketball player’s sex journal.”

  3. Spotted another moleskine on TV last night: in the establishing scenes of Kojak, Dana Delany is recording wine orders in a small moleskine. The elastic band is being used to hold down extra pages as she writes on the left-hand side of the page.

    The question becomes, are we noticing moleskines because we’ve got ’em on the brain, or are more prop masters using them because we’ve got ’em on the brain?

    Also, what on earth am I doing watching TV when I should be drawing?

  4. Same reason that 95% of all flashlights in movies and TV are MAG-LITEs…

    They look really cool! –And the propmasters know it!

    Speaking of which, since you wasted time watching TV, you have to stay up all night writing to make up for lost time. So you’re going to need a flashlight…

  5. What, the eradiating glow from my laptop doesn’t count? 🙂

    Seriously, though, Viriginia Woolf was really on to something with the “room of one’s own” thing. I can leave the lights all night, so long as I don’t mind being the one who has to climb up a Dr. Seus-inspired pile of furniture to change the bulbs.

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