Nimba Creations


“Nimba has been responsible for quality work seen on the BBC, National Geographic and Sci-Fi Channel, and has also created groundbreaking exhibits for outdoor and indoor display – Nimbas’ full size animatronic T-rex being the most sophisticated of its type anywhere in the world.

Based in Banbury, our workshop (indicated by the white dot on the map) is convienently located a short hop from London and a simple motorway journey from both Leavesden and Pinewood Studios.

Nimba Creations creates special effects for the film and TV industries, and is now offering a range of products for sale….Along with crew caps and aprons, we are also looking to provide ‘how-to’ guides on FX techniques and how to get into the industry, along with professional materials.”

Nimba Creations

[Thanks Siobhan!]