Moleskine in “I HEART HUCKABEES”

John: “Moleskine in I HEART HUCKABEES. I saw the new “existential comedy” I Heart Huckabees today, and there was — without doubt — a Moleskine sighting. I won’t give anything away, but Dustin Hoffman’s character positively has a pocket-sized Moleskine... Read More



“The idea for Fall came to photographer Christopher Griffith while he was living in a Manhattan brownstone, finalizing the design for his first monograph, States (powerHouse Books, 2000). “It was mid-November,” Griffith recalls, “and the ivy on the side of... Read More


#6 & 7

Moleskine notebooks #6 and #7 are on the way. For the latest update, go to The Wandering Moleskine... Read More


Sightings: Moleskine on CSI?

Alia: “Last night’s CSI had a large moleskine! I don’t have the means to grab an image (work is strict and I’ll probably be in trouble for this email), but when Nick and Catherine are in the dead woman’s place,... Read More


Chekhov’s Mistress

“Mol-a-skeen-a Obsession is a word that I can’t seem to help using all the time. I recently wrote about my obsession with reference books, and in the past I’ve written about how I used to read while driving; that is,... Read More


# 4 & 5

Notebooks #4 and #5 are ready to go. Bon voyage! To join or learn more, go to The Wandering Moleskine... Read More


Time for a new Moleskine.

“So I filled up another Moleskine notebook yesterday, the one I started in Baltimore right after the Focus massacre of May 2004. This one has lots of scribblings on using wooden pencils versus gel pens but then how I read... Read More


The Snooze

“Against the office walls sit eight white fiberglass pods, looking for all the world like giant cue balls lined up just so. Tiny speakers on the floor play the constant drone of white noise. Welcome to MetroNaps, the Midtown home... Read More


# 3

I just received a notebook donated by Diane to the WMP. Thanks! This Moleskine now becomes #3 and will be on its way soon. Check out her Amazon Storefront … To join, go to the Wandering Moleskine Project... Read More