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Many different hungers

“This underground eatery serves up more than mere food You might have trouble finding the new restaurant U Jednoho pokoje (At the One Room), a.k.a. Chez Julien. There’s no sign out front marking its location or operating hours. Nor, for … Continue reading

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TPB, Esq.

2004 Tattoo Show Meadowlands Expo Center Secaucus, New Jersey Best wishes to the photographer and good Moleskinerie friend TPB, Esq. who has some health concerns at the moment.

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The Whys, Whens & Whats of Moleskines

Lise: “Question: How did you find your first Moleskine? Were you deliberately looking for it it? How long ago? Was it love at first site?” Bemsha: “I found the Moleskine by chance at a huge stationery store near my workplace … Continue reading

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Imitation Moleskine, Genuine Art

“i’ve got some true moleskines and a new one still like a virgin…but I love also fake moleskines…and I’m sending some drawings I did this last summer in my fake squared moleskine I bought in Paris 3 years ago……..and I … Continue reading

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Paper Source

Its that time of the year again. PAPER SOURCE

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Trick or Treat!

“Jungle Book” The Halloween Moleskine © 2004 A.B.F. So, what will your Moleskine be for Halloween? ^_^ … Enjoy the weekend, M people!

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This just in:

Could it be a large blank….. :=) [George Bush Bulges/via BoingBoing] Related link: “Can’t Cover the Bulge” On The Media, WNCC

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WMP Update

So far we have 4 notebooks on the way to their launch off points in Australia/Asia, Europe and North America. The waiting list is long and it may take time for a notebook to reach you so please be patient. … Continue reading

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George H. Brett II

The Moleskine of George H. Brett II Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 and here.

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Olivier Théreaux

“Small collectors of emotions, facts, sensations… and little notebooks, We collect and absorb information, making it ours, eventually giving it back. Moleskines are not just friends, they’re our alter-egos.” olivier, vendredi 20 fevrier 2004, 12:00 Visit his gallery © Olivier … Continue reading

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