Imp of the Gimp

“One wonders that the tithing-men and fathers of the town are not out to see what the trees mean by their high colors and exuberance of spirits, fearing that some mischief is brewing.” – Henry David Thoreau, Journal Oct. 7,... Read More


The Journey Begins

I’m sending the first couple of Moleskine to Joy today for the “Wandering Moleskine Project”. Eventually, there will be a few notebooks circulating at any given time to accommodate the requests we got from around the world. To participate, email... Read More


New Moleskine?

“The new brown “cahiers moleskine” I discovered a whole new range of moleskine notebooks, not wrapped in black oilskin but in light brown cardboard..the have the sizes of composition books used in schools, though the paper and lining are the... Read More


After apple picking

“After Apple Picking” is one of my favorite Frost poems. (Sometime I’ll talk about the oft-overlooked masturbation imagery in the seemingly innocuous “Birches,” but that’s a topic for another day.) Frost’s speaker describes apple picking as work, not leisure, and... Read More


Nimba Creations

“Nimba has been responsible for quality work seen on the BBC, National Geographic and Sci-Fi Channel, and has also created groundbreaking exhibits for outdoor and indoor display – Nimbas’ full size animatronic T-rex being the most sophisticated of its type... Read More


The Wandering Moleskine Project

We are happy to announce the launching of the "Wandering Moleskine Project" @ Moleskinerie. Several notebooks will be sent on their way from various points around the world, and scans of pages will be posted as they are filled. To... Read More



The moon’s reflection helps illuminate the past. © 2004 A.B.F. View a larger image at the AFK* Gallery Note: Pardon the light posting, I’m busy with a project until the... Read More



” have always decorated my notebooks with a Bone trading card. I haven’t many left of shiny series 2, so I thought I’d move on to the Dragonslayer series. I will be buying more of these notebooks for future trips,... Read More



Artwork by Bill Rebsamen “In the jungles of central Africa countries of Congo, Cameroon, and Gabon are reports of animal an animal with a long neck, a long tail, and rounded shape tracks with three claws. The closest known animal... Read More