The Wandering Moleskine Project


We are happy to announce the launching of the "Wandering Moleskine Project" @ Moleskinerie. Several notebooks will be sent on their way from various points around the world, and scans of pages will be posted as they are filled.

To join, please email your name and postal address to Joy Rothke. Names will be added in the order they are received.

Miscellaneous notes:
-Participants are entitled to use one page of each notebook and to send it on to the next recipient within one week of receiving it.
-The notebooks are to be mailed/passed along to the next person on the list.  Please use Air Mail or US First Class mail.  This is not an expensive service, and it will not only deliver the notebook to its next recipient faster, it will help to safeguard the notebook from getting lost in bins of Parcel Post or Media Mail packages that can take weeks or more to arrive.
-You are pretty much free to write/draw whatever you desire, provided your entry does not deface or alter the notebook or others’ entries.
-Participants are requested to scan their entry and to send it to Moleskinerie when mailing it to the next recipient.  Local and university libraries, copyshops and some post offices have scanners that can be used for free or for a nominal cost.
-The last recipient of each notebook is requested to send it back to Moleskinerie at the address provided.
-Remember, this project is for posterity’s sake, and the notebook has to survive through multiple treks across the globe.  Please refrain from excessive pasting, and please use acid-free/archival-safe materials when possible.
– Moleskinerie reserves the right NOT TO POST scans it deems racist, pornographic and generally offensive or illegal..

Privacy notice:
All names and addresses will be kept confidential and will be used solely for this project. Participants have the option of using their real or fictitious name in their entries.

© Copyrights to material contributed to the Wandering Moleskine Project are retained by the author/creator and remain such contributor’s sole property.

The Wandering Moleskine Project was initiated by Johanna of Happeningfish/Finland.


This project is supported by Kikkerland Design, Inc.
U.S. Moleskine Distributor

Update: 2.20.05
The List is closed at the moment. Please wait for further




13 Oct. 04


I’m sending the first couple of Moleskine to Joy today for the "Wandering Moleskine Project". Eventually there will be a few notebooks circulating at any given time to accommodate the requests we got from around the world. To participate, email Joy Rothke.

Watch for updates and scans
The Wandering Moleskine Project

We wish to thank the following for their donations to the Project:

Diane, N.J.  Visit her Amazon Storefront
Kristina Sontag, WA.
Tricia L. , CA.
Abizer N., London
Prinedes,  Wa. Visit his eBay auction
Lisa Laughy, NH. Visit her eBay Store,  Ninth Wave Designs
Teresa Miller, Sebastopol, Ca.
Ralph Sarich, MI.
Anthony Dauer, Alexandria, VA.

UPDATE 10.19.04


I just received a notebook donated by Diane to the WMP. Thanks! This Moleskine now becomes #3 and will be on its way soon.

Check out her Amazon Storefront

UPDATE 10.21.04


Notebooks #4 and #5 are ready to go. Bon voyage!

UPDATE 10.25.04


Moleskine notebooks #6 and #7 are on the way.


#8, 9 & 10 are set to go.


#11, 12 and 13 bound for California, Italy and Hong Kong.

Reminder 2.20.05
The List is closed at the moment. Please wait for further announcements.

Update 3.15.04

We need to temporarily recall WMP notebooks #1, 2 and 3 for an upcoming exhibit. Current recipients of these journals are requested to contact us for mailing instructions as soon as possible.

We also need to update the current location of the rest of the notebooks. Kindly give us an update if you are in possession of any of the WMP Moleskine.

"Good things" are happening.:) Please stay tuned.


Update: 9.5.05
The Wandering Moleskine Project will resume soon. Watch for updates.


Update: 1.31.06

Its official. We will restart The Wandering Moleskine Project on May 1, 2006. There’s just a little hitch…
now, we still can’t get hold of any of the notebooks we’ve sent out. We
want to avoid that in the next batch so I need your suggestions on:

– How to keep track of the notebooks.
– How many notebooks to send out initially.
– Where to start?
– Who will keep track? Yes, Joy and I will be here but we need help.
– "Other WMP-related matters".
Suggestions are welcome at Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups.

44 thoughts on “The Wandering Moleskine Project

  1. I can’t wait to see the scans either – It might give me some ideas about what to put in it when I get my turn!

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  6. Thanks Joy. I appreciate all your efforts. I’m sending out the notebooks to Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, Africa and the Mediterranean tomorrow as well.

  7. I have signed up to receive a Wandering Moleskine but Im wondering if there is a list of moleskine recipients so that we could find out where we are in line exaclty. Plus it might be fun to see where the moleskines are currently and where they are headed to next! Thanks!

  8. One way to note where the books are: When recipients post their scans, they can mention the next few people on their lists.


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  10. I received WMP book #3 a few days back from Mike Rohde who did a wonderful job with the first page. I have since completed my effort on page 2 (which pales in comparison to Mike’s work!). I plan to scan my page tonight, when I get home, and email it to moleskinerie. Tomorrow, I will be mailing WMP #3 to the next person on the distribution list – Cate Trujillo (after Cate, the books will be sent to R K Miller).

    I enjoyed my participation in this effort and would like to thank Joy, Johanna and Armand.

    Keep up the great work!

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  13. Just got done with my page on book 9, it’s off to Evalyn Blankenship in California from here.

    Ricardo – Loved your entry, hope mine can compare.

  14. Hi!

    I am an exchange student and i will only be in New Zealand for another 4 months. I would really like to join your list of writers and share my exeprience, but i’m not quite so sure if i will get the notebook in time!

  15. I find myself amused by: Please use Air Mail or US First Class mail. This is not an expensive service…

    US mail is expensive if not in the US, and Air Mail is unneccesary to post ‘locally’, e.g. within Europe 🙂

  16. Murk:

    Expensive is a relative term. It cost me around US$13 to mail a notebook from the US to the UK.

    We just want to make certain that people don’t use ‘Media Mail’ [or its local equivalent], which can take 6-8 weeks to deliver.


  17. cool idea, i had been looking at moleskines for a while, and i finally bought a large sketchbook. good luck for all participating

  18. hi there,
    joy, i can’t seem to find your email written anywhere and the link doesn’t work. can you please email me and let me know when you open the list up again?
    thank you!

  19. Please send a journal to my ESOL class at MRH HIgh School c/o Melanie Rudolph ESOL Teacher 7539 Manchester Rd. Maplewood, MO 63143. We are working on writing entries to place in a traveling journal. Thanks

  20. Any news on the project? I signed up for the list around 12 months ago (I think), but the WMP site seems not to have been updated since June!

  21. I know this is not entirely related, but i’d like to know what was used to make the numbers on the covers of the traveling moleskines. I think it’s a great way to organize a large batch of them…

    What kind of glue was used? Or if they were stickers, where were they purchased?

    Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!

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