A Barista Buzz, Home Style


"THE first coffee of the day is a make-or-break moment. A robust, flavorful cup
can clear the mind, cheer the soul and boost self-confidence. A watery, bitter
brew almost guarantees gloom.

Small wonder that the corner Starbucks has become a kind of beverage wayside
chapel, restoring the spirit with sacramental espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

If only you could get them at home.

A new generation of coffee makers promises just that, in record time. The
at-home brownie frappuccino remains a distant goal, but several machines now on
the market serve up espressos and frothy coffees at the touch of a button. Some
take their cue, and their price points, from the nearly professional-grade
machines that companies like Rancilio, Capresso and Saeco introduced to the
market in the late 1990’s. Others take dead aim at the Mr. Coffee consumer ready
for an upgrade."

"A Barista Buzz, Home Style"
NYT Style

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