Cafe Bag


"Last weekend I stumbled across a great new bag
while creating an Indiana Jones costume for a party on Saturday. I
wanted to share the details of my new "Cafe Bag" bag, in case you might
be interested in picking one up for yourself.

First, I should offer my definition of a so-called "Cafe Bag" eh?
It’s a bag large enough to hold multiple 8.5×11 or A4 papers,
sketchbooks or magazines, deep enough for library book toting or
reference book carrying. It should also accommodate pencils, pens and
other such items. I call it a Cafe Bag, since it’s primarily used to
carry my gear to the cafe for writing, sketching or reading over

Mike Rohde


7 thoughts on “Cafe Bag

  1. I carry something very similar: a US Army issue map case that was my father’s. I don’t think they makes mine anymore, which is a shame. It’s nearly exactly like yours, only olive green and more squared off. I love it.

  2. It’s a little purse-like, so I don’t know if it would be something I’d use. I tend to use a canvas LL Bean field bag that is, unfortunately, no longer being made. It’s big enough to fit 8.5×14 messenger bags, books, and the like.

  3. John, I believe this bag is modelled after the US Army Map case. Even though mine was new, and made in India. I suspect your original is very much like my reproduction, or vice-versa.

    TPB, yes, I suppose it might seem a little purse-like, but it works well and I don’t give a hoot if others think it’s a man-purse. I’m comfortable in my masculinity. 😉

  4. I have a habit of carrying rucksack almost all the time when walking or bicycling in the streets of this city. So buying separated bag for is mostly useless for me. But I am going to try out, how atmosphere of some cafe affects my creativity.

  5. Just what I need for the summer – at the moment there’s just enough room in my pockets for everything but it’s a bit tight.

    I’ve had a look round the Internet to see if they’re on sale in the UK but can’t find any site. The UK army don’t appear to use maps bags!

    Does anyone know of a site I could buy one from?



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